What to Expect From a Tarot Reading

Much like with astrology, sometimes we want some wider perspective on the issues in our lives. I’d always been interested in tarot (I’ve had a deck myself since I was about 11). So, when I reached a point last year that I felt “stuck” I reached out to someone for a reading. Being able to talk to someone neutral (read: no personal vested interest in you) means you can get an unbiased perspective. They know only as much as you tell them and can offer guidance when you need it most.

Why get a tarot reading?

There are times in life where you might feel like you don’t have any options. Or, you might have too many and don’t know which one to choose. Getting a reading can often help you realise which one is best (or just how many choices you do have. Even when you are in a rut).

When you get a reading, it isn’t really a tool for hard and fast answers. It’s not “yes, marry that person” or “no, your career isn’t going to work out”. It’s more a gentle nudge, a view from the outside. From your “guides” if you will. I wholeheartedly believe there are some sort of guardian angels out there. The amount of shenanigans I’ve gotten into and come out unscathed means I couldn’t doubt them if I wanted to. So imagine being able to ask them a question when you need help the most?

What you can ask

Most readers will explain this bit to you, but generally the ball is totally in your court. The only topic I’ve ever been asked to avoid is death (which totally makes sense). Sometimes you might just need some general guidance relating to your career or love life. Or, there might be a pressing issue relating to a major life choice that’s more specific. They’ll be there to help you.

What you can expect (from an ethical reader)

Both the readers I’ve worked with treated me with the utmost respect. Everyone has their battles in life. No matter what it is, don’t feel embarrassed or concerned over what you’re seeking some help with. They’re also completely confidential. Consider them like a doctor for your soul. The same way your GP would never tell anyone about your medical concerns, a tarot reader should never divulge your personal information.

When you’ve found someone you’d like to get a reading from, they’ll explain to you how it works. Some of them just need your name and the question you’d like answered. Others will have different spreads they can do. They may even ask your birth date so they can take into consideration your astrological placements.

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Things to remember

Tarot readers (the real, genuine and skilled ones) are absolute gems. They offer you support, guidance and hope in a time where you can’t see the wood for the trees. However, there are a few things to remember. Regardless of whether you’re paying someone, it goes without saying you should always be respectful. Like any service you pay for, there’s an energetic cost. Connecting to your ancestors and seeking answers from them is incredibly energetically taxing.

You might not hear exactly what you want either. And that’s OK. Remember that in the long run, you’re always better off being told something you need to hear than something you want to hear. Ultimately, what you do with the information you receive is up to you. One reading I had last year was the kick up the ass I needed to ask for my worth financially. Do you know what? I got what I asked for. And I love my job. Another reading has brought me so much comfort I got that hit-in-the-feels sensation in my chest and I often re-read that one when I’ve had a bad day.

Who to go to for a reading

If you’d like to get a reading, with the world existing online, you don’t even need to visit them in person. The reader I’ve gone back to more than once is Holly. w

Holly is in the UK. Her energy translates in her readings so well, its like getting a letter from a friend. I’ve re-read the readings I’ve had from her multiple times. Her words are like a hug in a PDF.


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