The Natal Chart: The Blueprint of You

When you look at the blueprint of a building, it’s kind of similar to a natal chart.

A lot of lines, angles and information that looks a bit confusing (until you understand it).

Just like when you build a house, you can use plenty of different materials. So, when you’re born your environment is kind of like the structure of your home, the bare bones of it. Consider which sign your planets fall into to represent these details.

These are like which neighbourhood, city and country your house is in.



The smaller details inside the house

The colour you paint it, the kind of furniture you fill it with, the pictures you hang on the wall. Each room has a different purpose and function, a little like how each planet and house in your chart shows a different part of you. With the same blueprint, one person may use a certain room as an office, another person might use it as a playroom. All those things are the parts that make your home unique. You see it all, but not everyone else will.

These little details are the angles of your planets. Is your sun in the first decan (the first ten degrees) of a sign?

You can also liken this to the aspects your planets have to each other.

All of these factors are your foundations. They’re the very parts that make you, you. Your chart is an indicator of who you can be as a person. It shows you the parts of life that will come naturally to you as well as the parts that can be more difficult.

In this regard, even if you have a house with an identical blueprint (or natal chart) built right next door – they’ll still be completely different houses both inside and out. Even two identical people will still experience things differently. They can still view the exact same event in totally different ways.


Then come the natal transits.

Your natal chart is a snap shot of the sky at the exact time you were born. It will show you how the planets movements through the sky can influence and affect you right now.

Imagine transits as a combination of the people living in your home as well as natural influences like the weather.

saturn and moons

The tough transits: squares and oppositions to your natal planets.

Do you have good tenants? Do they look after your home well, or do they damage it and treat it with little care?

Is there a fire? A flood? Does your home get damaged?

These are your difficult transits, the ones that can feel like a struggle. But, they’re also often the ones that make you stronger as a person.

From those tough transits, you learn. You grow.


The positive and easy transits: trines and sextiles to your natal planets.

Maybe you fortified your house against earthquakes. Maybe you put an extension in or knocked a wall down for more space. Perhaps you have the best tenants who look after it as though it were their own. These are the people in your life who fit nicely with you as a person (sometimes, they’re the ones who “fit” with your natal chart too). Maybe they want to move into your home and stay forever.

Every little ding in the wall, picture frame that gets hung, every touch up, all of it adds up to you. Day by day, not a lot changes. But, after thirty years, two homes that looked similar at the start can be totally different inside and out. (Not to mention the Saturn return you will have gone through after that time).

The point is, a lot of tiny factors go into your home. The very design of it through to how it’s built, who makes it, as well as who you let live there. There are also lot of factors you can’t control. All you can do is react and evolve with those changes.


“Life will throw a lot at you. Your natal chart, and understanding it, will help you reason your way through this.”


Understanding each of your planets, the sign they’re in and which house they fall into is an incredibly useful tool. Knowing how you’re likely to react and being able to understand why you react the way you do makes the hypothetical floods and hurricanes of this world more bearable.

Every short-term moon transit, Saturn return and retrograde period for any given planet will affect you differently to everyone else. Even if you have the same placement. Your natal chart is the blueprint for that, it’s a starting point. Just a piece of paper, really. Your home is something you make, it’s your responsibility to do something with it.

do something great neon sign

Astrology is a tool. I think it has a place in everyone’s life.

Make the most of your positive or easy placements, rise to the challenge that squares and oppositions offer. You’ll be more adaptable and be able to strengthen your ‘home’ and anticipate change – not to avoid it, but to embrace it.

(If you haven’t created your natal chart yet I’d recommend doing it on

This post was inspired by one of my good friends, he asked me how two people born at exactly the same time could be different. I spent a long time trying to think of the best way to explain the answer. (He has a Gemini Mercury so I knew I’d need to be thorough). When I explained it to him with this method, he got it. So, with any luck, it’ll make sense for someone else too. 


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