About Me

Hi, I’m Claire. I’m the Aries that was born on a Monday which, as you may have guessed, was my super-creative┬áidea for this blog. During the day I’m a Copywriter and in the evenings/weekends I’m here (sometimes, anyway). Originally from New Zealand but have been calling London home since May 2015 now.

I started studying astrology more seriously around mid-2017 and feel like I’m still in Astrology Primary School. The thing I found hard to find when I started was sources that explained the basic concepts in a simple to understand and accessible way. So, because apparently I don’t get enough of writing at my day-job, Monday’s Aries was created.

Since I discovered my full natal chart I discovered I have a Pisces Mercury. If you’re not sure what that means, just expect a lot of rambling and explaining things with metaphors.

On top of the astrology thing I also live a vegetarian and cruelty free lifestyle. So expect a few non-astrology blog posts scattered around the place too. I’m a Taurus rising, Aries sun and Leo moon. I’m very fire heavy but I promise I’m not as much of an asshole as my “big three” would have you believe. I live on Twitter so if you want to Tweet me, you can find me at @milestonefour.